5 Simple SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

23 Jan    Marketing
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5 Simple SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

If SEO is alien to you, you might want to start by starting simple. Search engine optimization needs to be nurtured to be able to provide significant results, and it doesn’t happen overnight. But, you don’t need to be a Miami SEO expert to work on with the magic. You just need to be consistent, and before you know it, good things will be happening.

As a small business owner, it may be costly for you to hire an SEO professional. Here are quick tips that could help you start on your SEO strategy and you don’t need to be a pro in marketing to get it done. These should be enough to give you a good start and gain more exposure in the long run.

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Create a blog.

I guess you’ve heard that content is king and you may have an idea of the impact it has on your business. Search engines are programmed to like sites that have relevant and unique content in the store. Start a blog to create useful content on your site. You can write about your thoughts on industry trends, about new products or even offer tips that could answer your clients’ concerns.

Blog posts can help build a reputation for your business, and it can even be shared on various social media to serve as backlinks. You can increase customer engagement if they can share what they think about your posts. You also need to provide regular content on your site so that search engines will love you.

Create an account on Google My Business.

By creating a profile at Google My Business, you will have a chance to be shown in the local maps results of Google. This is good because potential clients would be able to see your location right away and if you’re close by, there’s a big chance that they may drop by at your establishment. A lot of people use their smartphones to find nearby places to shop, eat and so on. Chances are, they might be looking for your business!

Make a list of relevant keywords.

You don’t need to overthink here. You don’t need fancy keywords as even the simple ones would do great for your business. Try to write down some phrases that you would incorporate into your business and if you’re a client, what keyword would you use? You can also ask family and friends to get some idea.

You can then run searches on the keywords on your list and find how your site ranks with that specific keyword. Don’t forget to take note of other websites that come up with the results and check their sites. It’s a good idea to learn from your competitors and see what they’re doing to rank well in search results. A Jacksonville SEO expert can help you out, too.

Learn to create internal links to your website.

Internal links can help you optimize your site by building a structure of links across your site. Links should be made naturally though. That means that it should make sense and not something to be forced. Linking can add value to relevant pages and give search engines an idea about the hierarchy of the pages on your website. When you write an article, you can link it to a previous post that is related to it.

Ask past clients to leave reviews.

Reviews can make or break a business. You can use these reports to highlight your business or even use them to make some improvements. It’s okay to get negative reviews once in a while as it would help you make your product or service better. Don’t hesitate to ask past clients about what they can say about your business as it’s important that to know if you have met their needs or not.

These are somewhat simple steps to help you get started on your SEO growth, and as you expand to new heights, you can hire a Fort Lauderdale SEO company to nurture it.

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