Digital Marketing – What Is It And How It Works In Jacksonville

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Digital Marketing – What Is It And How It Works In Jacksonville

Have you thought about making your brand or extremely well-known product, generating sales every day? Have you thought about having loyal customers and even recommend your product? Know that using the digital marketing, all this is possible.

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Digital marketing and their definitions

Well, there are various definitions of digital marketing. With a lot of users every day on the Internet, SEO companies have had to change the way they communicate with their customers. A range of strategies is used by an SEO company in Jacksonville to promote their brands.

The digital commerce now generating billions and billions around the world, and one reason for this success are the digital marketing strategies used. In short, everything that you can use online to inform the consumer about your product, and transform this information into sales, money can be considered a marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing is based on the 4Ps. The great professionals shared the strategies they called “4Ps of digital marketing.” In this article, we will see how each of them is used to leverage your business.


Before promoting a product, you need to know it. Know if this really will be able to meet the existing needs of the market. Digital marketing considers the following points about a product:

  • What does my client want to my product?
  • What qualities and attributes does it need to have to sell?
  • This will be used by my client?
  • The name helps in sales?
  • Have I a good brand?


When we talk about cost, usually what comes to our mind is the fact whether we are offering rates correctly. In a well-organized digital marketing strategy, much more than calculate the costs, variable and fixed costs of the product or service, being involved the cost benefits, seeking to know whether the price is right, it is in the standards applied in the market, before it considers:

  • What value your product is offered?
  • What is the price charged by the market?
  • Your client usually compare prices?
  • Is its price set to be compared?

Faced with the answers, analyze your competition, compare your product to others, calculate the price based on what your customer might pay, never let market prices will devalue your product, and cast doubt on the quality of it. Now if you have a great product, the customer will not mind paying a bit more money for it.



Do not be confused! In marketing, the promotion has nothing to do with offering discounts. On the other hand, the digital marketing is to unite 4Ps to build an extremely effective strategy. It is no use having a good product, a reasonable price if the customer is not willing to buy it. So ask yourself:

  • Where you want to advertise the product?
  • What is the best time to promote it?
  • What is the industry standard for this type of product?

In simple terms, the Promotion P of marketing involves adjusting the 4Ps and promote them in various channels for professional digital marketing, use tools like Google Adwords, Linkedin Ads, Instagram, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads are key to the success of the strategy. To build customer loyalty and create a real vending machine, it is essential to use digital marketing to approach and maintain a trusting relationship with your customers.

Digital marketing budget

It depends on what and how many digital marketing elements are being added to the strategy. If you already have a website, and the digital marketing strategy focuses on inbound techniques such as SEO services Florida, social media and content creation, then you do not need much budget, but a lot of work. With inbound marketing, the primary focus is on creating high-quality content that your audience wants to consume; It seems a simple task, but in reality, it demands many hours of work.

Advertising on social networks is currently much cheaper. However, it is not as useful for direct sales. Nobody accesses Facebook or Instagram thinking of abandoning them because of an advertisement. Advertising on social networks works better as awareness, that is, for the upper parts of the marketing plan.

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