Why Choose Little Black Dog Social Media

Leaders of many small to mid-sized businesses understand the potential benefits of a positive social media presence. They also understand the risk inherent in making a company so transparent. What many lack internally is a team of people who know each of the social platforms in depth (the rules, the membership, the unwritten expectations and tolerances of members) and success strategies for each know how to create and implement a strategy for social media success based on the unique needs of a particular company

  • know how to tie marketing and social media activities to business objectives
  • know how to nuance company information
  • know how to create a “voice” for the business
  • have the time to monitor and engage customers and prospects effectively, and
  • are able to produce a constant stream of appropriate content for a social media program.

Although we do not limit our work to these industries and professions, at this time, most of our clients are in

  • real estate
  • educational consulting
  • business services and consulting
  • professional and financial services
  • businesses and organizations related to pets and other animals

What We Do

Little Black Dog Social Media provides a range of marketing and social media services to micro-, small and mid-sized businesses seeking effective customer and prospect relationships to grow their firms. We focus on qualitative activity that presents your company realistically in the best light possible in the social realm and coordinates effectively with other programs and marketing campaigns. Our approach is studied and rational.

We work for our clients in several ways:

  • we write and post content on their behalf to social media platforms and blogs in their name.
  • we champion their businesses in our name
  • we provide other inbound marketing and media relations functions as requested
  • we research, plan and manage SEO and PPC campaigns
  • and we aggressively seek new opportunities to promote their businesses.

Our monitoring of the internet and social media sites is partly automated. However, because our experience is that automated tracking is imperfect, we also monitor numerous sites live every day. Automation for posting and monitoring is fine to a point. We choose to take a hands-on approach to supplement automated results for greater accuracy and relevance.

What Makes Us Different

Little Black Dog SEO is a small firm in Jacksonville, FL committed to helping our clients succeed in their marketing and social media activity and in their business. We accept only those clients we believe we can help.

Unlike many large firms, we consult regularly and frequently with our clients in order to provide the best possible reflection of their business, nuances incorporate voice and culture, and to ensure that everything we do is a true and appropriate representation of your company. Rather than telling our clients what to do, we present options and alternatives and then work consultatively with them to make the best choices. We define goals, measurement, and metrics with you to ensure that our focus and our measurement are appropriate to your business needs.

Before we create a strategy for your business or plan any marketing or social media activities, we take the time to get to know you and your business. We will seek to discover or work with you to create your company’s distinctive voice. Because our work typically includes branding and demonstrating credibility to build trust among your customers and prospects, we must know your corporate culture, your values, your business goals, how you embody your brand, how you relate to your customers, and how you relate to your competitors. Based on what we know about your company, your budget, and your goals, we will work with you to determine the appropriate marketing tactics and social interaction for your business and for your market and vertical.

  • We use no canned approaches or cookie cutter strategies.
  • We are very hands-on in our approach for each client. We utilize automation only minimally, in ways that do not directly affect your brand or your voice.
  • We maintain a level of direct involvement in your marketing and social media strategy that enables us to see what is or is not working and make timely adjustments.
  • We respond to questions and comments as quickly as is reasonably possible.
  • We provide regular and frequent updates to you.
  • We are schooled and competent in Word of Mouth Marketing (Buzz), Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, PPC management, Blogging, website management, email marketing, social media advertising, lead generation, lead management, competitor analysis, media relations, keyword analysis and research, web analytics and social customer service.
  • We are trained and experienced in traditional marketing, as well as Web 2.0 and 3.0 Marketing
  • We will coordinate all of our activities with your other marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • We believe is the power of integrated marketing.
  • We are committed to providing value to our clients.
  • Because it takes time to build social relationships (three to nine months, typically), we require a reasonable period in order to achieve measurable results. Therefore, we require a minimum contract of six months.

What You Can Expect

The team at Little Black Dog Social Media, are eminently social, with vast experience in building and maintaining relationships both local and distant. We know people are different, and that each relationship has unique characteristics. For this reason, unlike other big social media firms, we do not assume that every client or every client’s market should be active on the same few social media sites.

We believe entrepreneurs and small businesses understand the value of social media presence as part of a larger marketing and customer engagement strategy. Many businesses are unlikely to have the time or staff to devote to building social media visibility and implementing other marketing efforts while starting and operating a business. Little Black Dog Social Media Services will sniff out the most compelling strategies for each of our clients and personally manage all activities day-to-day.

Our goal is to accelerate the growth of your business. We enjoy the work we do and the results we are able to achieve for our clients. We do our best work when we are relaxed, happy, and having fun at work. You should probably expect serious work and fun conversations. We feel honored when we are chosen to represent clients.