Romeos Tip of the Week: Think of small ways you can improve the environment around you….and let me know some of your ideas so we can share them with everyone. Together we CAN make a difference

Hello, everyone!
Spring, spring, spring! I just love it!
The soft, cool, green grass beneath my paws instead of cold ice and snow, yeah! There are so many fresh sights and scents to explore. The buds on the trees and flowers trying to bloom, newborn animals exploring their environment for the first time, it’s so exciting!
120823_eyn_keepamericabeautifulWhich brings me to the subject of my blog today. April is “Keep America Beautiful” month. I’ve blogged many times before about keeping things clean around you and respecting our environment, but we all need a little reminder now and then. It’s really quite simple to keep things around you clean: just pick up after yourself! If everyone practiced that, things wouldn’t get trashy looking.
Many people don’t realize that the smallest pieces of trash, say like a gum wrapper, added with other   small pieces of trash add up to a whole lot of ugliness. Not to come down on smokers ,but really, if you are one of those who don’t give a second thought to throwing your cigarette butt on the ground, PLEASE STOP!!! It is really disrespectful not only to those around you but to our environment.
If you take your dog for a walk please clean up it’s waste….we can’t do it for ourselves.
There are other ways to help keep America beautiful, like volunteering with others to clean up an area in your city that needs tidying up, recycle what you can….the less going into landfills the better. Start up a group to adopt an area that you plant flowers and/or shrubs and keep it looking attractive. If we all do our small part it can have a BIG impact on our environment.
My tip this week: think of small ways you can improve the environment around you….and let me know some of your ideas so we can share them with everyone.  Together we CAN make a difference.
Romeo, the little black dog!


  1. Claire says:

    thanks, Romeo. In addition to our “stuff” blowing around, helps to also take the time to pick up just one thing that someone else was not thoughtful about doing. And if live in area (townhouse complex maybe) how about timing that pickup when the owner who dropped it most likely to be present. Look forward to your comments. Keep them coming.