Social Media’s Power

We offer our clients and our friends and relatives affected by hurricane Sandy our thoughts and prayers. We are relieved to know you are safe. We hold you in our hearts as you face the challenges of picking up the pieces, staying warm until the power is back, and rebuilding your homes and your lives. We were pleased to witness social media’s power to help many of you during and after the storm.

Social media messages have helped first responders locate those trapped in flood zones. They have enabled many of you to notify others of your location, your condition, and your needs. Some of the social platforms have also responded by creating ways to help you contribute money to sustain the relief efforts.

We spend the better part of each day monitoring conversations in social media. Admittedly, our business focuses on helping businesses connect with and engage their customers in social media. It has been gratifying to see social media elevated to a higher purpose in human interaction. After all of the trivial, the mundane, the boring, and the inane conversations we see daily in social media, we are delighted to see social media’s power harnessed to help and support people in the midst of a natural disaster.

When social media’s power can be used in this way, we hope these platforms will enjoy a long and productive life.

By Staff, Little Black Dog Social Media and More

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