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Oct 25

Latest 10 Insights to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is a moving target, as are the audiences you seek to reach and influence. Social Media are the locus of some of the fastest and most significant changes. A seemingly simple and small change on one platform can have powerful effects on marketing results. Fortunately, you have access to the findings of numerous […]
Oct 24

Does Pinterest Have Marketing Value? Plus 10 Tips for Success?

It is very easy to find a conversation about the marketing value of Pinterest, does Pinterest have marketing value network. In many of these conversations, someone represents the opinion that Pinterest has little to no value for marketing and someone else represents the view that Pinterest is critical to effective marketing. Before you decide to […]
Oct 24

Insights for Social Media Marketing in January 2015

Learning from the Pew 2014 Social Media Survey The Pew 2014 Social Media Survey released last week confirms that the vast majority of people who use the Internet at all are using at least one social media network. This study is part of a much larger effort to understand how the Internet impacts our lives. […]
Oct 24

A Few Thoughts about Knowing Your Social Media Audience

Several reports and interpretations were published today about a new study conducted by NewsCred, a content marketing platform, entitled “The Millennial Mind: How Content Drives Brand Loyalty.” The study “reveals that educational, truthful, and personalized content has a strong influence on US millennials’ brand loyalty and purchase behaviors,” according to today’s media release. Two key […]