About Social Media

About Social Media for the Entrepreneur and the Small and Mid-Sized Business

78 percent of social media users are directly influenced by branded posts when making purchases

74 percent of social media users encourage their friends to try new products

80 percent try new things based on suggestions from friends

Social media is a good fit for many small to mid-sized businesses as a means of accomplishing certain important business goals. It is affordable (most social media sites offer free memberships), it offers access to a huge portion of the global population, and it is measurable in several ways.

However. . .

Building a strong social media presence requires three things:

  • Knowledge of the various social platforms
  • A strategic approach
  • Time

Do you have too much on your plate? We can help. Romeo’s plate is empty.

Success with social media depends on your willingness to stop using it to push out product or service information and build solid relationships with customers and prospects.

Today, companies of all sizes use social media for virtually every stage of the lead generation and nurturing process, sales conversion, customer engagement, and customer management. Social media can also be a uniquely powerful venue for market research and product development. Technology is emergent to use social and mobile platforms to actually close sales. Reputation management and crisis response are other important uses for social media connections.

Social media may prove to be a fad in time. Today, however, it offers numerous venues and opportunities to build brands and demonstrate knowledge or thought leadership in a particular area or product line in mutually reinforcing campaigns. Social media also offers the opportunity to expand the reach of other marketing and thought leadership efforts.

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