Pinterest: Social Media Platform Summary

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media website based on the use and organization of virtual ‘pinboards’. Users can either upload their own images, recipes, articles, etc, or they can link their pin back to the original website where the item can be found or purchased. Once the pin is on Pinterest, itWhat-Is-Pinterest can be “pinned” into other users’ pinboards, therefore providing the opportunity to be seen by countless users.

Pinterest users are able to organize their pinboards into different categories and then can choose which pinboard to add a certain pin to. Every pin on Pinterest has an accompanying image to represent either the article, recipe, DIY project, etc, which allows the users to organize their pins without having to follow the link all the way through to find out what it is.

Rather than always uploading your own pins, Pinterest also offers the opportunity to ‘follow’ other users. If a user sees a pin they find interesting, they are able to go check out another user’s pinboard to see if they have other appealing pins. If desired, there is a ‘follow’ button which allows the user to see every pin the other user adds to that pinboard from that moment on.

Who Uses Pinterest?

Pinterest is most popular among females. While it is picking up speed with the college-age crowd, the majority of users are between middle-to late-twenties and middle forties.

How to Join and Add a Pin

There are two ways to become a Pinterest user:

Request an invite/Waiting List: This option is mainly for those people who are the ‘trailblazers’ in their circle. They would go to the Pinterest website and request an invitation through email, which can take some time, depending on the length of the waiting list.

Friend Invite: This option would be most convenient for those who already have friends using Pinterest. The user would login to their account, click on the “invite friends” button and enter the newcomer’s email address. Voila.
If you are interested in adding a Pin to the website, here are the steps for doing so:

  • Choose “Add +” in upper right corner of Pinterest homepage
    If the Pin is one found on a website, choose the “Add a Pin” option and enter the appropriate web address.
  • Select the “Upload a Pin” option if the pin is saved on your computer, select ‘browse’ and then choose the item you wish to upload.

What to Pin

The possibilities on what to pin are relatively endless. One can find DIY projects, inspirational stories, recipes, future planning (wedding, homes, children etc) ideas, and articles in just a few minutes browsing the website. While the possibilities might be endless, keep in mind that anything posted is viewable by all users and therefore should be kept appropriate and respectful.