Services and Pricing

Services Offered

  • Comprehensive Market Research
  • Comprehensive Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media and Traditional Ideal Customer Research and Profiling
  • Social Media and Traditional Marketing Strategy Development
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Customer Engagement/Service
  • Comprehensive Industry Monitoring and Research
  • PR/Media Relations
  • Social Media Reputation Management and Crisis Management
  • Content Creation: Blogging, Posts, Articles, White Papers, e-books, reports, case studies, mobile messages, status updates
  • Newsletters and Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Management, Implementation, and Measurement Services
  • Advocacy Programs to champion your business
  • Integrated Marketing Services and Management
  • Creation of Corporate “voice” for internet communication
  • Industry and market monitoring, tracking and analysis
  • Monitoring of effectiveness of all efforts, with appropriate metrics and measurement of success
  • Weekly phone updates and monthly written reports

Although we will provide strategic, research, and marketing plans without implementation and management services, we do not offer implementation and management services for strategies and plans we do not create.


Because every client is different and their business goals are different, we do not set prices for any of our services in advance. The complexity of strategic plans and research depend upon the nature of the client’s business, the industry, the target market segment, and the scope of the plan desired by the client. All of our pricing provides a good value to our clients.

Social media management, implementation, and measurement services are available in service packages. Advocacy services are similarly priced. We design all service packages to provide the greatest social media visibility and goal achievement for the client’s budget. Our minimum monthly package price is $1000.00. We do not charge clients for time spent on the phone with them or responding to their emails. All charges reflect time dedicated to building or implementing plans.

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